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简介: 更多内容请搜索:可小果1813年 格罗夫纳广场Grosvenor Square, 1813.亲爱的读者 社交季即将来临Dearest reader, the time has come to place our b

更多内容请搜索:可小果1813年 格罗夫纳广场Grosvenor Square, 1813.亲爱的读者 社交季即将来临Dearest reader, the time has come to place our bets我们是时候下赌注了for the upcoming social season.先看看费瑟英顿男爵一家Consider the household of the Baron Featherington.三个女儿像悲伤的母猪一样Three misses foisted upon the marriage market被她们毫无品味 愚钝莽撞的妈妈like sorrowful sows by their tasteless-再紧一点 -推入婚姻市场- Tighter. - Tactless mama.-再紧一点 -那她还能呼吸吗 妈妈- Tighter! - Is she to breathe, Mama?我在普鲁登斯那么大时 能把自己的腰I was able to squeeze my waist into the size of an orange and a half挤到只有一个半橙子的尺寸when I was Prudence's age.你姐姐也要这么做Your sister shall do the same.也许丧偶的Far better odds might exist布里奇顿勋爵夫人一家胜算更大in the household of the widowed Viscountess Bridgerton.一个人丁兴旺的家庭A shockingly prolific family,以其玉树临风的儿子们noted for its bounty of perfectly handsome sons和沉鱼落雁的女儿们而著称and perfectly beautiful daughters.我已经热死了I am already roasting.你真的要抱怨一整天吗 埃洛伊丝Are you to complain the entire day, Eloise?当然不能指望我一整天都穿着这身衣服Surely I cannot be expected to bear these fashions the entire day.我觉得自己像是公主 你觉得我像吗I feel like a princess. Do I look like one?你真的想要知道我觉得你像什么吗Do you truly wish to know what I think you look like?-在你左边 -格雷戈里- On your left! - Oh, Gregory!我们亲爱的姐姐还没准备好吗Is our dear sister still not ready?她才准备了一整晚而已She's only been readying herself the entire night.你说的是一辈子才对吧You mean her entire life.我该去楼上催她一下I shall run upstairs and hasten her along.科林 等等 我去吧Colin, wait. I'll do it.比起你 她喜欢我多得多 本尼迪克特She likes me much better than you, Benedict.-她说的吗 -所有人都这么说- Did she say that? - Everyone says that.达芙妮Daphne!你赶紧下来You must make haste!你们觉得她听到了吗Should you think she heard me?没错 多么完美啊How very perfect, indeed!别闹了Stop it.如果你不抓紧 我们就要迟到了If you don't hurry up, we're going to be late.你见到他了吗Any sign of him yet?如果你哥哥希望被人尊为布里奇顿勋爵Should your brother wish to be obeyed as Lord Bridgerton,他就必须表现得像个勋爵he must act as Lord Bridgerton.他在哪里 本尼迪克特Where is he, Benedict?我不知道I do not know.-安东尼 你来了 -我当然会来了 妹妹- Anthony! You are here. - Of course I am here, sister.我绝对不会错过你和我们家的大日子的I'd never miss such an important day for you and our family.不 你只是会迟到而已No, you would just be late for it.我们进去吧Shall we?今天是无比重要的一天Today is a most important day,而对某些人来说 是恐怖的一天and for some a terrifying one,因为今天for today is the day伦敦待字闺中的们London's marriage-minded misses are presented要由女王陛下过目to Her Majesty the Queen.愿上帝保佑她们的灵魂May God he mercy on their souls.普鲁登斯·费瑟英顿Miss Prudence Featherington,费丽帕·费瑟英顿Miss Philipa Featherington,和佩妮洛普·费瑟英顿and Miss Penelope Featherington,由她们的母亲all presented by their mother,尊敬的费瑟英顿夫人带领入内the Right Honorable Lady Featherington.今天唯一重要的只有女王的双眼It is only the queen's eye that matters today.如果她眼中闪过一丝不悦A glimmer of displeasure,一位年轻女士的价值and a young lady's value plummets将跌入难以想象的深渊to unthinkable depths.达芙妮·布里奇顿Miss Daphne Bridgerton,由她的母亲presented by her mother,尊敬的 遗孀 布里奇顿子爵夫人带领入内the Right Honorable, the Dowager Viscountess Bridgerton.完美无瑕 亲爱的Flawless, my dear.-刚刚发生的是真实的吗 -保持微笑 亲爱的- Did that truly just happen? - Keep smiling, dearest.他们都在关注着你They are watching you,比以往更甚now more than ever.但正如我们所知 一位淑女越耀眼But as we know, the brighter a lady shines,她灼烧地越快the faster she may burn.布里奇顿第一季 第一集常言道It has been said that,"在所有死活不论的贱人中""Of all bitches dead or alive,"会写作的女人最像疯狗"a scribbling woman is the most canine."微声到夫人社交小报如果这是真的If that should be true,那么 笔者很愿意向你们展示我的獠牙then this author would like to show you her teeth.我的名字是微声到夫人My name is Lady Whistledown.微声到夫人社交小报你们不认识我 请放心 你们本来就不该认识You do not know me, and rest assured, you never shall.但是事先提醒你们 亲爱的读者But be forewarned, dear reader,我绝对认识你们I certainly know you.你真是闪闪发光 姐姐You absolutely sparkled, sister.快别说了 我不过是傻笑着Come, now. I merely simpered和其他人一样穿着漂亮裙子迈着碎步罢了and minced in a pretty dress like everyone else.也不是和其他人一样Not exactly like everyone else.我应该去探望佩妮洛普了Oh, I shall need to go and visit with Penelope.她的出场绝对称不上Her presentation was anything女王怎么评价你的来着but what was it the queen called you again?完美无瑕Flawless,或者类似这种的or some such thing.相信我 女王陛下这么评价的时候 我惊呆了Trust I was astonished Her Majesty offered me,在展现200位年轻淑女中out of 200 young ladies present,给了我最高的评价a most gracious remark.没错 真是个殊荣Yes, it was quite a distinction.而现在 200位年轻淑女有了位共同的敌人And now 200 young ladies he a common adversary.-祝你好运 姐姐 -埃洛伊丝- I wish you luck, sister. - Eloise!怎么了 我说的没错啊What? It is true.我在婚姻市场的成功会影响你们所有人的前景My success on the marriage mart influences all of your prospects.总有一天 我们都要找到真爱We will all need to find love one day.没错 和妈妈和爸爸之间一样的 纯粹的爱Indeed, a love as pure as what Mama and Papa once shared,如果我们幸运的话if we are so fortunate.我只不过希望能够持续如此伟大的传统I merely hope I am able to continue such a grand tradition.你们的裙子送到了Your dresses he arrived.这条裙子真是太美了This one is quite rishing.玛丽·埃奇库姆在上个社交季穿过相似的颜色Mary Edgecombe wore a similar shade last season.在第二天就收到了三份婚约And secured three offers the very next day,其中一份来自伯爵one from an earl.玛丽·埃奇库姆 现在是富尔顿伯爵夫人Mary Edgecombe, now the Countess of Fulton,显然 去年住在一间村舍中apparently spent the last year living in a cottage"跟她的伯爵相隔数百里""hundreds of miles away from her earl.""真是可悲" 这上面都写了"She is miserable". It says it all here.别告诉我又出了个小报 埃洛伊丝Do not tell me that is yet another scandal sheet. Eloise--不不 这个不一样No, no, this one is different.这是直接用人名做标题 全名This one lists subjects by name, in full.-给我看看 -等等 慢点- Let me see! - Wait. Wait!-"微声到夫人" -"微声到夫人"-"Lady Whistledown." -"Lady Whistledown"?-她是作者 -我们认识一位叫微声到的夫人吗- The author. - Do we know a Lady Whistledown?微声到夫人当然不会是真名Surely Lady Whistledown cannot be her true name.都说了什么 亲爱的What does it say, dearest?她讨厌我们的名字按照年龄由大到小She loathes the fact that we've been named alphabetically,按字母表顺序来取oldest to youngest.我和你父亲觉得这样很有条理Your father and I found it orderly.微声到夫人觉得这很"俗套"Lady Whistledown finds "Banality."这份报纸今天在镇上免费传阅The papers were distributed across town today without charge.免费 什么作家会...Without charge? What kind of author--至少她说对了一件事Well, at least she has one thing right.她说达芙妮是本季最佳She has named Daphne as the season's Incomparable.她管你叫"出水芙蓉"She calls you a "Diamond of the first water."真会说话Well, how lovely!倘若这个微声到夫人I should not be surprised就是瓦莱特·布里奇顿本人 我也不意外if this Whistledown is revealed to be Violet Bridgerton herself.这些文章在写女子爵她们家时These pages certainly report on the viscountess's family


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